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nunchaku show-off falls flat

Kobudo Venlo - humor

Below some of the funniest stuff I saw on internet or received through mail:

my record

Clip: Tale of two brains ( 5:27 , 4,7 MB)

Game: Hit the penguin ( other site) - My high score -->

Pics page: Funny pics about weapons, militaria and the like.

Pics page: Tribute to Darth Vader

Pics page: Funny animals

Text page: "They're made out of meat" - Aliens talking, with Earth on their scanner.

Text page: If WW-II was an online Real Time Strategy game, what would the chatroom have looked like?...

Text page: UN survey - the United Nations try to find the cure for world hunger, but encounter some communication problems

Text page: Cultural differences: Top 5's "Why is it fun being from..."

Text page: Dear Santa : letters to Santa. And his answer.

Text page: Aviation problem report: Problems logged by the pilot, answers by the ground crew



Pages below are still to be adepted to my new site and navigation. Use your browser's 'back'-key to return.

Pics page: animated gifs of famous movies

Pics page: Funny exam answers

The animation below is the avatar of one of the people on BoardGameGeek, user Captkayoss. I still have to laugh, each time I see this scene from "The Matrix".


The Matrix & origami....


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