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Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory (PoG) (published by GMT) is a great Card Driven Wargame. It gives you the feeling of WW-I in a nutshell: huge armies slugging it out on the west front. The vastness of the east front. The Russian quantity versus the German quality. A two player game, each turn is a quarter of a year (Spring 1915, Winter 1916 etc).

PoG is great to play by e-mail, using applications/tools/sites like cyberboard, vassal and/or warhorse

One PoG counter close-upof the advantages of pbem is that you can spent time considering the best move. Like chess. A tool I wrote in Excel is the PoG odds calculator xls. Fill in what battle you expect to happen, and Excel gives you the chances of winning, draw, losing by 1 or losing by 2+. Trenches, CombatCards, etc can all be included. And, best of all, if you press the button, the notation of the battle (like CP12A v AP7c, for a Central Power 12 Firepower attack on the Army table vs. an Allied 7 firepower defense on the corps table) is stored on your notepad, ready to be pasted (CTRL-V) in whatever tool you use to note your moves.

PoG capture of Sedan

PoG odds calculator xls

(xls = For this download you need a program on your PC capable of running Microsoft Excel 2000 files.)

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